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Joaquin A. Ruales

President and CEO

President and CEO of Jhart International with over 41 years of experience in international business.

Joaquin A. Ruales

President and CEO of Jhart International with over 41 years of experience in international business. The Mr. Ruales is an advisor to several multinational companies in various industries including:

  • President of JHART International USA and Jart internacional Ltda, present.
  • Joaquin A Ruales’ Family as Colombia and US Citizens.
  • Speaker at   Le ToiteChamps Elysée’s Center of Conventions ; Spain Palacio Nations, New York Times Square, Orlando US Convention Center (3), Mexico Global Latin America, Panama Pacific Countries(12),Cartagena Colombia (Centro Historic Convention Center Patrimony of Human );Dominican Republic HUTT Latin America Center of the Latin and Europe Chamber of Commerce; Cali Colombia Pacif Center, and US, Latin America Chamber of Commerce Associations.
  • Foreign trade opening subsidiaries (77).
  • Investment and Trade in personal properties ,  Coletta Building ,Jhart Business Center, and Small Business.
  • Farming and harvest of agriculture products.
  • Oil and digging Gus Pech o Manufacturing Iowa Sioux city.
  • Award in Paris of the Leadership, Quality, Technology, and Innovation.
  • Technology and International, and FDA- FSMA (Foods Safety ) Inspector TTTtrainers.
  • Builder in Construction engineering Buildings and bridges (14) in Bogota Colombia of 5/6 floors, 200 lots for homes ,and  Medial /Odontology Clinic for 200 patients.

The Mr. Ruales is an international Consulting Management Business and speaker with more of 40 years expertise on issues of international trade agreements, foreign investment, and management. Your opinion has been base point for media such as Radio Paz Station, FM Orlando Radio station, CNN, Caracol, Portfolio and Orlando Sentinel.

International Accounting and Legal Department & Associates

International Accounting and Legal Department & Associates

International Global  Business Áreas in US, Latin America / Spain at:
.- Construction, Home, Commercial & Remodeling projects.
.- Real Estate, Rent, Sale.
.- Business Visa E1, E2, L1/L2.
.- Opening Subsidiaries in  US, Latin America, Products, Service   & Handling Merchandise.

.-Management, Representation & Virtual Offices and meetings, Conference Room – rent.
.- Financial Statements or balance sheet, income statement ,cash flow budget , Start Budget & Accounting ,Audit, Pay Roll ,Tax , bookkeeping.
.- Loans start up business and Finances Projects.

Note: we no provide legal service. We can to refer experts.

Four (4th)era Industrial Revolution

Jhart’s Team Global E -Marketing 4.0 – 5.0

“Jhart US and Jart International’s team  are a business leaders with success proven, driving corporate objectives by identifying and leveraging innovative strategies, existing resources to enhance performance and maximize revenues and profits for fix  the International Marketing Positions their clients. Our strategy is  an integrated plan of  business and marketing:

  • Opening Subsidiaries & Current Diagnostic for Companies
  • Markets research &  Target
  • Tools, Social Networks  & 4th era  Industrial Revolution. 4.0-5.0 
  • Create Image Corporative, web pages, publishing & marketing campaigns & Representation office in US,Europe and Latin America 
  • Trade resources use are in the Global E-Marketing  for break down intermediation , be more competitive and sustainable in the markets of the world.

” We work all areas of the economics  sector,sub-sector industries of your Country for small medium or big Entities with financial payment & Option Joint Venture Project”

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