Consulting and Management

Are you considering selling your products or services internationally? Are you looking for non-domestic suppliers or even to start your own manufacturing operations overseas? Or are you a non-American business exploring the possibilities of the world’s largest market? Do you need a business plan to start a new venture in United States or South America? Today’s business environment is increasingly international and we can help

Consulting with international experts, conferences, seminars, events from EE. UU is an induction to understand the American system world market based on standards, trade, tics, innovation, technology, education, sustainability, clusters, applicable to the European and Latin American trade, to the challenges of FTAs.

Training in the US, training, direct business practice, with speaker (s) face of government, in particular regulations applied by American entities, such as SBA, (business) USDA (Agriculture), COMMERCE (trade), CUSTOM and FREE ZONES ( customs / free zones), FDA (law safety 2011), IRS (tax- Bookkeeping- Niff US Gapp), LOGISTIC (industrial processes and mobility). MARKETING (electronic 3.0- 4.0, -ICTs) -net working, business visits, ports, government offices, universities are a substantial component of Training, international, to return to his country, and adjust its industrial process, academic and business enterprise .

Coaching in their country of origin, consultants, experts, laboratories, international techniques, once surpassed the previous stages, are the accompaniment to the search for high productivity and responsible competitiveness, innovation in each sector or subsector of the economy.

Positioning through a subsidiary in the US, business corporation, business, product = direct services to avoid the intermediation of your product and services and trading of government offices, business meetings, sightseeing tours subsidiary, which does not give constant continuity to Commerce.

Intelligent competitiveness with national / international leverage, clusters, electronic marketing 3.0 – 4.0, Tics, supported by the free zones, financial institutions and business plan with statistics on real day become an operations manual and control for the entrepreneur integrated in this real and professional management of our services applicable to the challenges of the different FTAs. Copy Rights 2000- 2008.asy.

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