International Training

International Business Training & Conferences.

Training in US provides a series of one-day seminars designed to give you and your staff,and intensive training on a variety of international trade topics. Small class sizes guarantee two-way communication between the instructor and attendees.

Includes 5 modules’ american ,Europe & Latin American Sytems,40 Hours, 2 Technical visits, US Port,Networking with buyers,at 3/4 days-Bilingual.

Every seminar is taught by a qualified and experienced instructor who fully understands the subject matter and knows how to share that knowledge with attendees. All attendees receive a matching reference book to serve as a resource after the seminar and a Certificate of Completion.

International Conferences Topics:

Jhart /Ruales, Registros en FDA, UDSA, SBA, IRS, TTT-Lead Instructor. Dunes 2002-2020

How to start up Business in the United States withour intermediation(sin intermediacion vs. Subsidiary & International. Business  & Financial PLAN. Export /Import.

Treaties -2017-2022. Global E-Commerce Global Systems-Subsidiary vs. Four 4 th era of the  Industrial revolution.

Topic: Expand their Business at Latin Ame. Colombia without intermediation and Intl Market USA- Europa.

FDA. FSMA. Safety Act. Agencia Ley de Inocuidad.  Act. January 2011, (7) new rules 2016-2018

       Topic: GW- GMP- PSGT- FSVP-PSVPCA-HARPC-STHAF-VQIP. Mandatorias at on Feb 2019

        Topic: Regulación Alimentos, Productos. Ley de enero 2011. (7) Reglas 2017. to USA:

       *Regla sobre el Análisis de Riesgo y Controles Preventivos para Alimentos de consumo Humano.

        *Regla sobre Estándares de Inocuidad en la producción, cosecha, empaque, y almacenamiento

        *Regla frutas y verduras para consumo humano. *Regla sobre acreditación de tercero

        *Auditores/certificación. *Regla sobre programas de verificación de proveedores extranjeros.

        *Regla sobre análisis de riesgo y controles preventivos en alimentos para animales.

        *Regla para el Transporte Sanitario de Alimento para Humanos y Animales.

        *Regla para proteger los alimentos contra la adulteración intencional.*FARM PLAN.

CANALES CORTOS DE COMERCIALIZACION. Legislación US, Comunidad Europea-Italia – modelo

       Topic: Sistemas de Alimentos locales. Seguridad Alimentaria. Food Business and Food Chain

Global E- Marketing Electronic 3.0-4.0.-5.0 Target ways, and Retail Distribution in Domestic Market.

       Topic: Strategies. Corporation & Business Image. Net work. Clusters. Canal Corto. Mercados de

       Productores vs. Venta Directa. Distribución Minorista Campesinos. Superficies, Centros Acopio

       Símil Comparative Modelos americano y europeos aplicables a Latín América

Competitiveness and Intelligent Innovation, Image Corp. International Leverage & Clusters Smart.

     Topic: Imagen Corp. Logo. Portafolio, Web Page Registros, licencias Int’l, nacionales otros.

Measurement and Management of Financial Statements Internationals Accounting Standards

     Topic: USGAP- IFrS,NIIF, USGATT,IASB. Quick book. Accounting method

The Crisis of USA & The Eurozone affects markets as Latin American in 2007-2008.Global 2018

     Topic: Latin American, Colombia Int’l Trade   vs.  US, asiáticos, europeos. Domestic  Market

     Crisis Financiera. TLCs, Estatus de Mercados.

Otros Sectores- Sub Económicos Agroindustria, Health, Tourist , Commercial, FSMA -FDA Green Markets etc.:

Expectaciones GLOBAL CRISIS COMERCIAL   2018-2023. Económico Sector and Sub sectores

Otros TEMAS Sugeridos por la Entidad.

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